Executive Team

Janelle Marsden

Managing Director

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Marsden has held senior roles across many industry sectors. Trained at a master’s level in construction, architecture and finance, she has been awarded senior roles over the past 20 years in both the public and private sector. Having lived in Australia, U.S. and Italy, Marsden has worked on large scale implementation projects and managed large agriculture developments. Marsden’s skills include agricultural grow, product implementation, organization and marketing. She has been the chair and board member of tourism, economic development and food and wine entities and has demonstrated her ability to drive and grow industries from the ground up. Marsden will also directly over see the infrastructure developments and ensure that Phoenix continues to meet its environmental, financial, timely and quality outcome.

Willis Victory

Chief Executive Officer

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Willis Victory is an incredibly dynamic business leader with an impressive track-record for growth and profitability, working with some of the world’s leading and most iconic entrepreneurs, projects and companies. PLSI is very excited to have such high-level talent coming on board to lead us through this important time for the Company. Mr. Victory comes from a tremendously strong business, law, financial, in addition to his extensive music and entertainment business experiences, this includes a vast network of experienced professional’s from diverse backgrounds, along with medical marijuana/cannabis investing & expansion opportunities. The “interim” appointment was made so that the PLSI family and Mr. Victory are able to act immediately in his hire, while supporting the Company’s recent progress in addressing various challenges of the past and building a foundation for the future.

A graduate of the Naval Justice Academy in Newport, Rhode Island. Mr. Victory brings a wide-range of skills, experiences, and relationships to the Company. Mr. Victory is great when it comes to working under pressure, strong problem-solving and analytical skills. His ability to adapt to changes quickly in the business environment is one of the many qualities that captures the attention of many, and its this experience that qualifies him for the CEO position. In addition to his skill set; Mr. Victory has a very strong overall working knowledge of global economics, international business, law, international partnerships, acquisitions, mergers, sports and entertainment.

Mr. Victory also served several years in the United States Marine Corps, where he learned the importance of service and Esprit De Corps. While working in the legal field in the military, Mr. Victory was able to be a consistent student of military law. He also was granted the opportunity to observe the value of discipline and teamwork, and what we have now come to know as the “mastermind alliance.” Mr. Victory was the recipient of several medals and honors, which include the prestigious Navy Achievement Medal and Outstanding Volunteer Medal, respectively.

Mr. Victory is focused on creating greater social value. He understands that the purpose is the promise to the customers, while bringing consistent value to shareholders. Mr. Victory has negotiated several partnerships to assist with the expansion of operations and has been able to focus on the pain points of the Company, while implementing a purpose driven strategy. Mr. Victory’s appointment is timely and aligns perfectly with PLSI’s corporate evolution from the early stage organization we were years ago, into a professionally managed public company with top-tier executive talent. Placing world-class marketing and sales expertise at the highest level of the Company is critical to establish PLSI’s leadership position in the market. We believe we are headed in that direction.

Dr. Roni Marie Deluz 

Chief Medical Officer

Head of Research & Education Awareness

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Dr. Roni’s Deluz distinguished career and unique treatments are recognized as truly life-changing! She has celebrated as one of the most prominent Naturopathic Doctors in this country as well as a leading Detoxification and Environmental Illness Doctor. Her debilitating illness led her to receive a Ph.D. in Natural Health and to establish and design personally Martha’s Vineyard Holistic Care Facility and HEALED Therapies. At her facility, she successfully treats chronically ill persons by combining integral wellness and traditional Naturopathy principles.
Dr. Roni Deluz, originally from Connecticut, graduated from Fairfield University with a B.S in Nursing and from Clayton School of Natural Healing, American Holistic College of Nutrition where she completed her Doctorate in Natural Health. She is also a certified Colon Therapist and Hypnotherapist specializing in an effective modality of Emotional Hypnotherapy and Breathwork for over 25 years. Dr. Roni’s experience includes years of service at Yale-New Haven Hospital, specializing in rare syndromes. Also, she served as Director of Nursing at Regis Multi-Health Center in New Haven, Connecticut. In due course, she then moved to California and established three long-term care facilities for medically fragile children, adolescents, and adults.
Dr. Roni’s in-depth research revealed that if you eliminate toxic foods you have been eating and enrich your body with pure liquid foods, the body will have more energy and less pain. Determined to understand even further the reconstructive benefits of detoxification, Dr. Roni studied and researched everything she could find on organ repair and cleansing. After years of her customized detoxification, she realized not only her physical health had dramatically improved, but as an added benefit, her mental health as well. She then developed a highly respected Special Program allowing her clients to communicate and intensely experience themselves on an emotional level by Breath, Music, and Meditation.
Her discovery, wisdom, and extensive medical expertise in total wellness led her to open her very own Private Health Care Clinic on Martha’s Vineyard. Dr. Roni knew that there was an overwhelming need for a private, safe, peaceful place to heal. Due to the confidential nature of her clientele, which includes celebrities, politicians, and CEO’s of major corporations, Dr. Roni recognizes the utmost importance in ensuring their secured privacy. Dr. Roni found the perfect location on a secluded island surrounded by nature and beauty on Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts.
As Dr. Roni Deluz continues to remain at the forefront of healing, she became a New York Times Bestselling author. Dr. Roni lectures all over the nation in Detoxification and Environmental Illness. She consistently focuses on cutting-edge healing modalities that result in effective restoration and integration in healing the mind, body and spirit. Her primary focus today is Health promotion product promotion through Multi-media. She has been on national TV and radio such as Larry King Live, The View with Barbara Walters, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Woman’s World, First for Women, Howard Stern-Detox Robin Quivers live on air for 21 days, Extra TV, Fox, and Friends, New York Post, Page Six, New York Daily News, Steve Harvey Morning Show and again Detox Steve Harvey on air for 21 days, Wendy Williams Radio Show, HBO–Inside the NFL, Bravo, The Real Housewife’s of New York, E Channel, Fox News Detroit, Fox Boston News and more.

Geoff Boynton

Chief Financial Officer

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Boynton has worked as a CFO for more than 20 years across a range of industries including horticulture and health care and is trained in both science and business. He has also had experience in mergers and acquisitions and been involved in a number of IPO’s and secondary raisings. More recently Boynton has been actively involved with bringing Pacific Island guest workers to Australia, mainly from Vanuatu, to work on farms which has had great outcomes for both the workers, their communities and also organisations that employ them, which he is very proud of.

Spike Humer

Advisor and Director of Corporate

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With international experience in over 30 countries, and thousands of companies Humer brings the business systems to ensure strategic and sustainable growth. He has a long list of business achievements demonstrating quantum leaps in profitability and business performance. As an entrepreneurial advisor consultant and turn around expert Humer will bring the systems to ensure Phoenix can continue to achieve its global platform in improving the health for all.

Stephen Cornford

Advisor and Director of Investment and Audit

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Cornford has had a career for over 30 years in finance and investment. His previous roles allow him to ensure that the financial audit and compliance requirements are met. Cornford is based in Australia and has held positions at Chief Executive Officer, most recently of Austlend Financial Solutions. His passion is to see our world live a healthy and more sustainable future.

John M. Taleo

Global Head of Security

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John Taleo joins the team as a highly-awarded individual. His most senior appointments, prior to retirement from the police force, were Deputy and Acting Police Commissioner, where he represented the Pacific on many international trade missions. With skills in coastal drug enforcement and global security, Taleo’s skills will ensure that Phoenix Life Sciences International runs a safe, compliant and effective business. Born and raised in Vanuatu, his network is extensive and will assist the team to deliver the South Pacific projects over the coming years.

Steve Riley

Manager Pacific Operations

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Riley will lead the development of global facilities and processes. Located in the South Pacific, he and his team have executed numerous projects throughout the Pacific and Middle East. He has experience working in some of the most remote places on earth and working on some of the largest construction projects in both the Civil and Marine fields, he and his team have managed over 500 people directly. Riley and his team have the skillset to deal with diversity in workforce as managing the community and workforce on the Islands, the most important aspects to a successful Pacific project. Riley also has a background in agriculture as well as exporting and importing. He is passionate about curing one village at a time.

Maturine Carlot-Tary

Director of Health and Nutrition

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Angus Stewart has over two decades of experience specializing in horticulture and is currently an Agricultural and Horticultural Scientist and Consultant Plant Breeder of approximately 100 commercially released plant cultivars. He is an Honorary Research Associate at the University of Tasmania and has been involved in multiple significant studies including several on the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD).

Dr. Santus Wari

National Head of Healthcare in the Republic of Vanuatu

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Dr. Wari is the former Acting Director of the Vanuatu Department of Curative & Hospital Services and former Vanuatu Ministry of Health Director of Health. He also acted as the Medical Superintendent for the Vila Central Hospital and Northern Provincial Hospital, the country’s largest hospital, at varying times. Additionally, he was the Senior Consulting Surgeon for the Ministry of Health during his 25 years as a surgeon and, prior to joining the government of Vanuatu, he gained formal medical training under the supervision of the Australian Medical Support to Vanuatu. After serving Vanuatu’s medical needs for decades, Dr. Santus Wari retired in 2018.

Tekon Timothy Tumukon

Head of Biosecurity Services

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As Phoenix Life’s Head of Biosecurity Services, Tekon Timothy Tumukon holds a highly-respected reputation in biosecurity. Prior to joining Phoenix Life, Tumukon headed the Republic of Vanuatu’s Department of Biosecurity as the department’s director and played a key role in developing the country’s biosafety framework. He accumulated strong bioscience knowledge during his almost 30-year career and held notable job roles that have well prepared him for his position with Phoenix Life.

Angus Stewart

Agriculture and Horticulture Senior Advisor

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Maturine Carlot-Tary serves as Phoenix Life’s Director of Health and Nutrition. She previously held a number of roles within the Vanuatu Ministry of Health and other agencies that have prepared her well to guide Phoenix Life as it expands its network of Community Healthcare Clinics and Dispensing Pharmacies. Her background provides her with a strong understanding of professional ethics and valuable insight into the needs of Ni-Vanuatu citizens.

Dr. Philip Blair

Diabetes Director

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U.S. Army veteran Dr. Philip Blair is a board-certified family physician who, since starting his company Pro Health Advisor in 2011, has provided innovative disease management by telemedicine to clients in all 50 states. A graduate from West Point and the University of Miami School of Medicine, he has been studying, treating and lecturing about the body’s natural endocannabinoid system (ECS) and the medicine behind cannabis since 2014.
Dr. Blair has overseen more than 2,000 patients showing positive results through patient management using medical cannabis extracts.

Dr. Mohyuddin Mirza

Botany Specialist

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Dr. Mohyuddin Mirza has over three decades of experience in the management of greenhouse crops from farm to consumers including Echinacea, Rhodeola, and Cannabis and has made a significant economical impact on the botanical products industries in Alberta, Canada. He pioneered the industry by introducing hydroponics and soilless crop production to indoor growing and played a pivotal role in growing the greenhouse industry from a $25 million to $160 million business from 1980 to 2014.

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