Why Vanuatu?

A Nation in Need

According to reports by the World Health Organization, 13% of Ni-Vanuatu citizens currently suffer from diabetes. Diabetes has a significant prevalence in low-to-middle income countries such as Vanuatu, because of the lack of healthcare resources and public knowledge. Currently, the main solution for people with diabetes in Vanuatu is amputation because they don’t have access to the proper treatment they need. Additionally, many Ni-Vanuatu citizens lack proper nutrition education for preventative eating habits. That is why Phoenix Life will also be offering educational nutrition lessons and more along with diabetes treatments. Phoenix Life plans to help bridge the gap where these nations are lacking supplies and infrastructure.

Community Healthcare Clinics and Dispensing Pharmacies

We are building a global distribution network of Community Healthcare Clinics and Dispensing Pharmacies in Vanuatu in partnership with the Ministry of Health to help combat the current diabetes epidemic.

On March 5, 2019, Phoenix Life broke ground on the construction of our first Community Healthcare Clinic and Dispensing Pharmacy in Vanuatu and began screening people in the local village of Erakor.


 Our clinics are designed for maximizing patient care including screening, examinations rooms and diagnostics streamlines diabetes patient assessment.


Onsite dispensing into reusable bottles provides immediate access for patients and provides for zero single use plastic and no packaging waste.

Continued Care

Our goal is to make healthcare more accessible and affordable within Vanuatu providing ongoing care to eradicate the diabetes epidemic.

Vanuatu as an Optimal Candidate for Cannabis Cultivation

The tropical climate in The Republic of Vanuatu is abundant in sustainably harvested organic soil that has never been sprayed with pesticides or herbicides, natural sunlight and never processed spring water. This lends itself as the perfect growing environment for unprocessed cannabis cultivation.

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